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Lisa has been photographing since she was a young child who forgot to look through the viewfinder (back in the long forgotten days of cameras without screens). This resulted in many an early headless portrait. Unlike charmingly rough drawings, however, she learned that poorly executed photographs like that lose their charm quickly and don’t exactly get hung on the refrigerator she picked up a photo class in high school, and continued on to art school for college. She graduated in 2003 from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, with a BFA in Photography. Since then, Lisa has assisted many well-respected Chicago photographers, and has been a freelance photographer since 2008. She now usually includes heads in her portraits, and always makes sure the headless ones are purposeful detail shots. 

Lisa brings her fine art background to each project. She has a passion for photography, and the patience for detail. Visually, her style involves vintage props when appropriate, a splash of color, and an abstract sense of serenity.

Lisa likes to build a team atmosphere. She likes to partner with her clients to achieve their goals. She knows that the best creative workers are those who can bring a fresh perspective while respecting the client’s vision.

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